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The Premier International Group - RSS News Feed
You can keep updated with our news quickly and easily using the RSS news feed offered by Premier International.

Click for RSS feedClick on this orange RSS icon to subscribe or put the following address in your reader or browser address bar -


What is RSS?
The latest news from Premier International is pushed to your browser or RSS reader automatically. You don't need to go and get it. It's like a free newsletter but you decide if you want to receive it or not.
  • IT'S FREE - An RSS feed is free and widely supported on the internet

  • Privacy - You don't need to provide personal details or your email address

  • You Decide - You don't need to contact us to subscribe or unsubscribe

  • Easy - You don't need to install anything or have technical knowledge

  • Instant News - Every time our news is updated so is your RSS feed
How do I get it?
All the latest browsers can take care of your RSS feeds (you don't need to install software). Your browser automatically searches webpages for RSS feeds. If a feed is found the RSS icon changes to orange or an icon is displayed either on the browser toolbar or at the end of the address bar.

Click for RSS feed All you need to do is click and subscribe. Everytime you go online your feeds will let you know if there's news waiting or not.

If you don't get the orange RSS icon you may be using an older browser. No problem. There are many really good RSS readers available and they are easy to use.

Enter the keywords RSS reader into any search engine and you'll soon find a reader to suit your needs. Most of the large corporations and news rich websites offer RSS feeds and it's a great way to keep in touch.