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The Global Relocation Service from Premier International

Orientation services for arriving expatriate employees and their families.

The Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. establishes contact with the expatriate family in their home country and meets with the expatriate family upon their arrival to the Eastern Seaboard.

Relocating to another country, especially one where there is a language barrier involved, can sometimes be a challenging experience but we can help to make your move as smooth as possible - read more...

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Moving to Thailand
This information will give you a basic view of the steps to be taken in making a move from your home country to Thailand. Also there is some country specific information to help you get started on your 'look-see' Housing Tour. We hope you find it informative and useful - read more...
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Relocation tips
We've categorized some useful information into the following for your convenience. Please take the time to browse through this useful and resourceful information.
  • View - Transferring money into Thailand to purchase a condominium
  • View - Registering a Company to Buy Property
  • View - Purchasing Real Estate In Thailand FAQs
  • View - Items to look for in housing
  • View - Vaccination Guide
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Choosing a school
Some of the issues which will affect your choice of school will be enrollment costs, the ages of your children, the educational system they are coming from and your expected length of stay in Thailand - read more...
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Links to the latest online immigration information -
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Insurance Contacts
Suggested Eastern Seaboard Insurance Agents -
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