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Owner Financing

Easy Finance!

Due to the political situation in Thailand and the economic situation worldwide, we now live in very uncertain times.

As in all financial crises, there are two directions one can take. You may be conservative and choose to sit and wait to purchase your new home or you can choose to be proactive and look for financial solutions.

We at Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. have decided to be proactive and look for financial solutions for our customers.

One of the major issues facing many of our customers, over the last few years in Thailand, has been acquiring bank financing for their property investments.

Financial solutions It has been almost impossible for foreigners to qualify and receive bank loans for their real estate purchases here in the Kingdom of Thailand.

We at Premier Homes know that the Thailand real estate sector would do very well by offering qualified foreigners the funds to invest in the Thai property market.

Certainly, this would be a very positive way to stimulate the Thai property market as a whole.

We at Premier Homes have come up with a solution and we plan to fill this need. We are very actively promoting the concept of Owner Financing to you and our many other house and condo purchasing clients.

We have already collected a substantial list of house and condo owners that are willing to offer Owner Financing to our costumers. As you may have already seen, Premier Homes has been advertising many of these Easy Finance properties with Owner Financing within the major magazines and newspapers in Pattaya and throughout the entire Eastern Seaboard. We have designed this special area on our website which features photos and details of all our properties with Owner Financing.

Opportunities with 'Owner Financing':
- A quick and easy way for you to move in to your new home now!

- At your negotiated purchase price, you will be able to establish reasonable monthly payments which are within your budget and financial capabilities......with an interest rate that is comparable to current bank standards.

- Competitive interest rates, very reasonable down-payment amounts and payment periods that will make your financing experience comfortable......Easy Finance!

How does 'Owner Financing' work:
Mortgage Application With Owner Financing there are four critical factors:
  1. Selling Price
  2. Down Payment
  3. Interest Rate
  4. Period of financing
The selling price minus the down-payment is the amount to be financed. In general and in most cases, we would like to advise a down-payment of 25% but we leave this amount totally up to you. It is our job and duty to assist you with the negotiations between you and the property owner.

In general, it is important to get the property owner to calculate a reasonable down payment amount, keeping in mind that the down payment needs to be attractive and interesting to both parties.

The interest rate is a major factor when it comes to the final monthly payments. As important as is negotiating the selling price, purchasers seeking financing need professional assistance to negotiate attractive interest rates for their new homes financing.

Owner Financing
Owner Financing In today's market, a reasonable standard would be in the 5% to 7% range, as this is quite normal here in Thailand and would be acceptable to most property owners as an International interest rate standard when selling their homes here on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.

We understand that most purchasers would be eager to receive financing for between 5 and 10 years, if not even longer, but would advise purchasers that 2 to 3 years financing is what is most attractive to many property owners. Again, that is our job to negotiate terms that you can live your new home!

Please notice the attachment with our Owner Financing Table for you to fill in.

Please use the following link which will help you in calculating the monthly payments on the Owner Financing Table.

One of the most important and critical issues when engaging in a financed property purchase transaction is the properties title deed (Chenoud) and how it is secured during the transaction period assuring the purchaser of immediate Free Hold title to the property when making their final payment.

This very important security issue is completely addressed and taken care of as part of the negotiation process and can be handled properly by a registered third party accounting firm, which we will assist you with.

property purchase transaction The Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. fee is paid by the property owner and our fee is the same as for normal full payment purchase transactions, with absolutely no additional cost to you as the purchaser.

If you have any questions what so ever, please let us know as we will be more then glad to assist you with purchasing your new home or investment property......Today!


Clayton Wade
Managing Director
Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd.
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